Wedding Event

  • Design and Decor

    "A dream that is dreamed by two will always come true" - nice saying by someone. And here it applies between us and our clients. Decor has always been an important element of any event and helps in generating vibes. It draws second impression after venue. Our culturally diversed team, has too many solutions awaiting for our client's order to decorate their dreams. To make things even more viable we stay in contact with the traditional and modern artists throughtout India to get the sense of what’s hot and vibrant. No matters what the requirement is, we provide an innovative and customised solution package.

    We are specialised in dealing with what an event wants and how to make it theme oriented. Whether it’s your classy banquet hall, open space or dinning hall, we know how to make use of the complete space and make every corner to be alive. We have our specialised team decorating themes for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, inaugural functions and personal events since years. Our experiences are well enough to decide the theme on your behave and which remains exclusive for you.

  • Destination Weddings

    Today, many couples have a desire to tie a knot at an exotic location which could make their happy moments an ever-lasting memory. If you are among those couples and are thinking of Destination Wedding, your search should stop here. We an event professionals are well versed with Destination Weddings. Triangle Events team care and strive to provide you a best deal. Our planners are innovative, passionate and skilled individuals to design and carry out any Destination Wedding smoothly.

    For us every Wedding is different, so exclusive personalisation is our key point feature. We listen to your ideas and concerns and help you in refining them to match the logistics. We then bundle the services in an all inclusive package making it easier for you to keep a track of your preferences and budget. We have a selection of beautifully located historical and exotic venues like Palaces, resorts and private halls to give a touch of exclusive elegance to your guests. First destination on our recommendation list is Udaipur, a city of centuries old historical town and Palaces. Other destinations we recommend are Goa, Kerala and are open to your recommendation.

    Venue Selection

    Choosing a wedding venue is a bigger deal. It's time consuming. It set the tone and could be little tangled. It's the main aspect of any wedding which throws an impression of you and your perfect day. At the same time, it adds the base flavour in the glimpse of your and your guest's memories. We as a wedding planner constantly think about the ways and plans to make our client's desires and dreams come true. We not only plan for the destination decor, we take responsibilities of transportation, hospitality, catering, theme, music and everything. We satiate and serve our clients in such a way that they can never forget the memories written by us. We are well-versed in the planning and having been our team widely spread we know what matters to you; whether its your budget or guests.

    Our venue selections and suggestions are always been unique and un-arguable. We believe in presenting things differently which no one has thought of. Being Indian origin we know all cultural rituals and help our clients to keep their beautiful days serene and auspicious. Since years, Udaipur has been the center of destination wedding for many couples worldwide and stays on top of our recommendation list. Other places we serve are : Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa and Kerela. We even value our client's suggestions and keep a keen eye on humps like venue history, vibes, estimated charges, parking facility, services, security, staff, do's and don't before hand. We strive for excellence in our all actions and suggestions.

  • Dining

    Eat > Drink > Enjoy - This is what you want for your guests. For an event company it's hard to decide and predict every guest's like and dislike. But, with Triangle Events having a diverse team from various culture, it’s not the case. We know what your guests are likely to enjoy so, we help you design and select a fine dining services for your esteem guests to make your day truly special.

    We are specialised in choosing a dining service for your guests on your behalf as well as, we are open to provide any dining service of your choice.

  • Hospitality

    Hospitality is something that your guests will observe and complain in first. Also, to make every guest happy tends to be a tiresome job for an individual.

    With Triangle Events management team you need not have to take care about hospitality at any point in time. We know how special your guests are to you, so they are to us. Our team will never show you any complaining part and will ensure to make your guests feel like home throughout your special days.

  • Logistics


  • Rentals

    Rental services are hard to find, manage and settle, if it's managed by an individual. Even it could be more difficult for you in case of Destination Wedding. To avoid these conundrums we suggest our clients to enjoy the eve and handover all the managerial responsibilities to us.

    With Triangle Events management team, you don't have to worry about anything. We will be there to handle all the rental service transactions and management which could also help you find a best, reliable and well packaged deal.

  • Theme

    Being good in decor, we also take privilege in crafting a theme based wedding. We stay in contact with the traditional and modern artists throughout India to get the sense of what’s hot and vibrant. We have a bunch of innovative ideas to give a themeful tinge to enhance the laughter and joy of your guests on your special day.

  • Rituals

    Indian wedding is full of rituals and customs which aims at strengthening the relation of wedding couples and unite them in heaven. These are age old practices, which form the foundation of our Indian society and are therefore followed by generation over generation, owing to the deep faith.

    Being, diverse in culture, our team is well managed and sincere when it comes to rituals and customs. We ensure to provide you a flawless service which will maintain the auspiciousness and we also, make sure that all rituals and customs are solemnised with utmost sanctity.


    Mehendi is a ceremonial art form which originated and continued to be a part of Indian culture from ancient time. Also it plays a vital role in rituals for any Indian bride. According to Hindu tradition, the ceremony is mainly held at the bride's house or at a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. Intricate patterns of mehendi are typically applied to brides before wedding ceremonies.

    The event is generally celebrated as a festival feeling and to signify the joy; women dance, sing traditional songs and wear vivid colours. Triangle Events ensure to provide you the best mehendi artists and aims to make your Mehendi a spectacular event by retaining the auspiciousness of the event.

Music & Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, being young and energetic we are good at it! Our entertainment package has always been customized based on your and your guests taste. We know the current trends and brands and what your guests will adore and appreciate. Our mantras of creativity in conceptualization, theming and perfection in execution makes every event effective, successful and enjoyable. We satiate our client's requirements to build congenial and ever-lasting memory.

With our past experiences we are now sound enough to suggest you the entertainment acts you could involve in your event; whether its rock, jazz, ghazal or bollywood style. We have our contacts with most of the local, national and international artists, who could be a part of your event. If you have any favorite celebrity in your mind, tell us he could be performing for you on your perfect day.